Journal of Medical Thesis (JMT)

Journal of Medical Thesis (JMT)

Journal Of medical Thesis has been a demand generated Journal. Every year more than six to seven thousand medical thesis are been written, However very few (less than 10%) see the light of publication. The Journal of Medical Thesis aims to provide a solution for this issue and also have added advantage for the students and the teachers who have invested both time and effort into the thesis. JMT will be an online, peer reviewed, quarterly Journal which will publish thesis in a format of scientific paper and also make the thesis online for easy Citation.

 Medical thesis is one the most important document and mostly our first exposure to research. A lot of them do not get published in mainstream journals, as authors feel it is not good enough or there are lacunae or there are issues with the designing of the study. However all thesis do involve collection of data which has potential to answer a question. Even if the thesis has a small learning point or a small practical or statistical point to make, we feel it is worth publishing. We feel an independent Journal of Medical Thesis will have following advantages

1. The Student and teacher will get the credit and citation for their work
2. This will also lead to wide dispersion of the authors work
3. Sharing of this knowledge will also justify the co-operation of your patients and fulfill an important      Ethical requirement.
4. With thesis being published online, the amount of plagiarism will automatically decrease and will lead to generation of better thesis in future
5. With peer review process of the journal the validity of the thesis will be further enhanced
6. The journal will be indexed with all major Indexing bodies, with improved citations for the authors.
7. Will allow immortalizing the first research work of all medical students across the globe and faculties.

   Scope of the journal

JMT will accept medical thesis from all faculties of medicine including the Clinical, non-clinical and  paraclinical faculties. To be published in JMT all thesis should fulfill following requirements.
1.JMT will accept thesis that are completed in and after 2006 and thesis done before 2006 will not be accepted except if it is based on a rare disorder or under special circumstances after the decision of the Editorial Board.
2. All theses should be approved and accepted by the respective Universities and incomplete or rejected thesis will not be published.
3. All thesis should mention regarding the Ethics Committee Approvals
4. All thesis will be required to be submitted in two formats, Paper format as per guidelines to authors and as complete thesis.
5. A copyright form Signed by the Student and his guide will be essential for consideration.

Publish Hypothesis /Idea. Assure Your Intellectual Property    

JMT is now accepting Hypothesis, Idea / Opinions for publications. These will undergo strict peer review and will only be considered for publication if found relevant and practical

Guidelines for Publishing a Hypothesis, Idea or Opinion

The submission letter and the title page will remain the same as mentioned in the guidelines to authors. The hypothesis will in addition have an Abstract, Keywords, Background, Hypothesis, Discussion, Clinical importance, Future direction, References. The abstract should consist of four parts; background of Current knowledge on the subject, Hypothesis derivation from the current knowledge and Clinical importance and Future Research [word count - less than 300 words]. Minimum 4 keywords need to be included. In the manuscript, background should provide detail of current literature and possible lacunae in literature [word count - 500-800 words]. Hypothesis should include the details of the hypothesis, idea or modification in technique along with related positive and negative evidence [word count - 500-800 words]. Here the authors can provide an index example case, or details of a pilot study or instrument or procedure devised  based on the hypothesis. Discussion should include the impact such hypothesis, or idea or technique will have on the current context of literature [word count - 500-1000 words]. Clinical importance should contain how the hypothesis will help improve the patient care and lastly future direction should provide a blue print on how the hypothesis should be approached for practically proving it and converting it into valid evidence. References should be number chronologically and in format with JMT guideline [not more than 25 references]. We encourage you to provide figures and diagrams and even videos to help prove the point. Total word count should not exceed 2500 words including the references and maximum number of figures and tables should be not more than 12. All hyothesis, ideas or opinons will undergo stringent peer review and will take aorund 3-6 month to be published. Article processing charges do apply to these publications and are as per JMT guidelines. For any other query please write to us at

 Read the Editorial on Hypothesis and IP

Hypothesis, Intellectual Property and Journal of Medical Thesis: Concept of Defensive Publication

Dr Ashok K Shyam  

[Full Text HTML]      [Full Text PDF] [doi: 10.13107/jmt.2347-5595/020]

 All Manuscripts will be reviewed by the Editorial Board and two external referees, and you will usually receive a decision on the manuscript within 8 weeks.
All manuscripts are to be submitted via Journal Submission software "Scripture". Any other query regarding article formatting for submission process can also be mailed to editor at

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