Journal of Medical Thesis: Perspectives of an Arthroscopy Surgeon

Vol 2 | Issue 2 | May - Aug 2014 | page 7 |  Sundarrajan S R

Author: Dr S R Sundarrajan

Senior Consultant Arthroscopy And Sports Medicine Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore

I have an immense pleasure to give a guest editorial for journal of medical thesis. For the past 15 years I have been a guide for DNB students, guiding them for the their thesis projects. I request all postgraduates to think twice before taking thesis topic.They should take this golden opportunity to learn how to read, write, find an article. Collecting, analysis of the data and also to form a basic framework in their mind about how to go ahead to write a research paper.
Because it is an opportunity for them to know everything about research. As they have three years time, it is possible to do Level 1 study so that it can be easily publized without struggle. Once they make it in a hardway further publications will follow through…
I congratulate team of journal of medical thesis for giving all such a wonderful opportunity as your 3 years work can be published that too in an indexed journal. Mind you all your hard work which has been put shouldn't go waste. Grab this with both hands and spread this to all your friends so that in this era of 'Publish or Perish' you have a publication in your pocket.
As an arthroscopy surgeon going through different eras starting from PTB graft to hamstring grafts, from titanium interference screws to endobutton to tight rope, from 11'o clock position of the graft to 9'0 clock position, from transtibial technique to anteromedial portal , from single bundle reconstruction to double bundle reconstruction. Is one better than the other ?
Question still unanswered , still the techniques have evolved implants have changed and after doing 600 odd arthroscopy surgeries every year I look back to see what have I did and what could be done better. I am proud to say that we have record of every arthroscopy patient we have operated and we make a point to analyse them. Friends we can also match up to the standards of western world only thing is that the effort should be there. That's all !

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