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VOLUME 3 | ISSUE 1 | Jan – Apr 2015


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JMT Editorial :Statistics in Medical Thesis

Dr Ashok K Shyam  

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Guest Editorial for The Journal Of Medical Thesis

Dr. K Mohan Iyer

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Effects Of Lumbar Core Stability Exercise Programme On Knee Pain, Range Of Motion And Function Post Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.

Priyanka Panchal, Nilima S Bedekar.

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Estimation of Spirometric Reference Values, Prediction Equations & Correlations in Children Living in Maharashtra Aged 6-15 Years By Using Anthropometric Indices & Its Comparison With National & International Published Values & Equations : A Hypothesis.

Sudeep Kale, Mangla Deshpande.

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Effect of additional use of shoe raise on unaffected side along with motor relearning programme (mrp) on ambulation in chronic hemiplegics: A Hypothesis.

Gajanan Bhalerao, Dhanashre Parab.

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Effectiveness Of Incentive Spirometry In Improving Peak Expiratory Flow Rate In Post Abdominal Surgery : An Experimental Study.

Biplab Nandi, Sucheta Mishra, Ujwal Yeole, Pravin Gawali, Roshan Adkitte.

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Effectiveness of Core Muscle Strengthening on Prevention of Low Back Pain in 2nd Trimester Primigravid Females.

Priyanka Mhalagi, Savita Rairikar, Apurv Shimpi.

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Triple Phase Computed Tomography In Hepatic Masses.

Udit Chauhan, Ravi Shanker Solanki, Alok Kumar Udiya, Gurucharan S Shetty, M K Narula.

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To Compare the Results of Operative and Non-operative Management of Rotator Cuff Injury.

Yash Kishore Shah, M L  Saraf.

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Changes in the Postural Stability and Balance in Multitasking with Increasing Task Demands in Normal Healthy Individuals of Different Ages: A Hypothesis.

Renuka A Hatekar,  Apurv P Shimpi.

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