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Journal of Medical Thesis (JMT)

Only Thesis Summary and Complete Thesis needed

[Revised Submission Format for JMT]

Scope of the journal

JMT will accept medical thesis from all faculties of medicine including the Clinical, non-clinical and  paraclinical faculties. To be published in JMT all thesis should fulfill following requirements.

1.JMT will accept thesis that are completed in and after 2006 and thesis done before 2006 will not be accepted except if it is based on a rare disorder or under special circumstances after the decision of the Editorial Board. Authors can submit the work but there will be less chances of publishing

2. All theses should be approved and accepted by the respective Universities and incomplete or rejected thesis will not be published.

3. All thesis should mention regarding the Ethics Committee Approvals

4. All thesis will be required to be submitted in two formats, Thesis Summary as per guidelines to authors and as complete thesis.

5. A copyright form Signed by the Student and his guide will be essential for consideration.

 All Manuscripts will be reviewed by the Editorial Board and two external referees, and you will usually receive a decision on the manuscript within 8 to 12 weeks.

All manuscripts are to be submitted through our article Submission Sytem "Scripture". Please see the menu above to login to Scripture. Any other query regarding article formatting for submission process can also be mailed to editor  at Following files will be essential for submission of an article

-      Submission letter [Word Document; .doc or .docx format]

-      Title page [Word Document; .doc or .docx format]

-       Abstract: Background; Material & Methods; Results; Conclusions; Keywords [Less than 200 words] [Word Document; .doc or .docx format]

-      Thesis Summary (Extended Abstract) [less than 1500 words] [Word Document; .doc or .docx format]

-      Complete List of References [Word Document; .doc or .docx format]

-      Complete Thesis [Word Document; .doc or .docx format]

-      Complete Excel Sheet [ In word document table or Excel Sheet .xls format]

-      Copyright form [signed scan copy]


The details of formatting these files are provided below.

Publish Hypothesis /Idea. Assure Your Intellectual Property    

JMT is now accepting Hypothesis, Idea / Opinions for publications. These will undergo strict peer review and will only be considered for publication if found relevant and practical

Guidelines for Publishing a Hypothesis, Idea or Opinion

The submission letter and the title page will remain the same as mentioned in the guidelines to authors. The hypothesis will in addition have an Abstract, Keywords, Background, Hypothesis, Discussion, Clinical importance, Future direction, References. The abstract should consist of four parts; background of Current knowledge on the subject, Hypothesis derivation from the current knowledge and Clinical importance and Future Research [word count - less than 300 words]. Minimum 4 keywords need to be included. In the manuscript, background should provide detail of current literature and possible lacunae in literature [word count - 500-800 words]. Hypothesis should include the details of the hypothesis, idea or modification in technique along with related positive and negative evidence [word count - 500-800 words]. Here the authors can provide an index example case, or details of a pilot study or instrument or procedure devised  based on the hypothesis. Discussion should include the impact such hypothesis, or idea or technique will have on the current context of literature [word count - 500-1000 words]. Clinical importance should contain how the hypothesis will help improve the patient care and lastly future direction should provide a blue print on how the hypothesis should be approached for practically proving it and converting it into valid evidence. References should be number chronologically and in format with JMT guideline [not more than 25 references]. We encourage you to provide figures and diagrams and even videos to help prove the point. Total word count should not exceed 2500 words including the references and maximum number of figures and tables should be not more than 12. All hyothesis, ideas or opinons will undergo stringent peer review and will take aorund 3-6 month to be published. Article processing charges do apply to these publications and are as per JMT guidelines. For any other query please write to us at

 Read the Editorial on Hypothesis and IP

Hypothesis, Intellectual Property and Journal of Medical Thesis: Concept of Defensive Publication

Dr Ashok K Shyam  

[Full Text HTML]      [Full Text PDF] [doi: 10.13107/jmt.2347-5595/020]


Article Charges

JMT is working on self sustained model and will like to keep it to keep it that way. There will be no thesis submission charges, however if the thesis is accepted for publication, there will be a small charge of 5000 INR  (200$ for Submissions from outside India) which will be needed to be paid by the authors. The  Articles in First issue are to be published free of charge. We are now open to accepting submissions, please format your thesis as per guidelines below and send to us by "Scripture" [Click Here to Login to Scripture]

Accepted format for JMT articles 

The Journal follows the Uniform requirements for manuscript as laid down by the International committee of Medical Journal Editors (

PLEASE  Refer to Already Published Thesis in First Issue for More clarity on the Formatting of the Articles

Thesis Manuscript submitted to JMT must be submitted in the format described below. Articles that do not meet the journal’s style will not be peer reviewed or considered for publication. Thesis will only be accepted for peer review in the following format:

•             Title page

•             Abstract: Background; Material & Methods; Results; Conclusions; Keywords [Less than 200 words]

•             Thesis Summary of Maximum 1500 words [details below]

•           Acknowledgment and Funding

•           All References in a separate word file

•           Complete Thesis in Word DOCUMENT format

•             Complete Master Chart (please remove patient identification)

•             Additional data files (if any)

•             Copyright Form

•             Conflict of Interest

•             Submission Letter


The Thesis Summary is an EXTENDED ABSTRACT of maximum 1500 words (minimum 500 words) is a concise Document and will be available online with Citations. Figures, tables and References will be available as separate documents. The complete thesis will be available as an appendix along with master chart.  In brief, the authors will be required to just prepare an abstract and Thesis Summary and reorganize their Thesis for publication in JMT.  Please submit using the software on the website. In case of difficulty in submission please contact us at


Guidelines to Authors for preparation of Thesis Manuscript

 1. Title page

The first page of the manuscript should be a dedicated title page, including the title of the article. Authors name should be below the Title.For example


Author Name 11, Author Name 22, Author Name 33*

Address: 1 Full designation, degree and postal address of author 1; 2 Full designation, degree and postal address of author; 3 Full designation, degree and postal address of author 3


Email: Email addresses for all the authors is compulsory;;

* Corresponding author should be indicated with an asterisk.

The full names, institutional addresses and email addresses for all authors must be included on the title page. The corresponding author should also be indicated. No other information should be included on this page.

Institute at which research was conducted, University Affiliation of Thesis and Year of Acceptance of thesis needs to be mentioned on title page


2. Abstract:

This will be of 200 words and should include subheadings like Background, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusions and Keywords.


3.  Thesis Summary

This should start on page 3 of the manuscript.

This summary must not be more than 1500 words (minimum 500 words). Do not use abbreviations or references in the abstract. The summary should be structured into following sections and should make clear how the thesis adds to the medical literature:

Thesis Question: The question that is asked in your thesis in one line

Thesis Answer: The answer that your thesis provides to above question in one line

After above two points the remaining thesis summary needs to be in more standard format as follows

  • ·Introduction
  • ·Aims and Objective
  • ·Material and Methods
  • ·Results
  • ·Conclusion. A brief conclusion of what the reader should learn from the Thesis and what the clinical impact will be.
  • Clinical Message: how results of your thesis might affect clinical practice
    • Keywords:

 All above are concised from the original thesis. Please include at least 4 keywords

Do not add TABLES or Photos,Figures in Summary

3. Acknowledgments & Funding:

Please acknowledge anyone who contributed towards the study by making substantial contributions to conception, design, acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data, or who was involved in drafting the manuscript or revising it critically for important intellectual content, but who does not meet the criteria for authorship. Please clearly state funding received for doing the study

4. References

All references must be numbered consecutively and should be submitted as they appear in the complete thesis

Sample format for references: For an article within a journal:

Bentolila V, Nizard R, Bizot P, Sedel L. Complete traumatic brachial plexus palsy. Treatment and outcome after repair. J Bone Joint Surg Am 1999;81:20-8.

For a book chapter, or article within a book

Songcharoen P. Neurotization in the treatment of brachial plexus injury. In: Omer G, Spinner M, van Beek A, editors. Management of peripheral nerve problems. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders; 1998. p. 459-64.


5. Complete Thesis in Word DOCUMENT format

Please submit complete thesis with certificates and index in the format as submitted to the university or the Institute. This should include the complete thesis with figures and tables and references along with Master Chart containing all data.

•  Complete Master Chart (please remove patient identification) to be included with complete thesis in word or excel sheet

Please note that it is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain permission from the copyright holder to reproduce figures or tables that have previously been published elsewhere.


6. Additional files (applies to submission using software)

There may be occasions where an author wishes to provide data sets, tables, or other information as additional information. These files can be Send to us as 'Additional Material files' along with the Manuscript. Additional data files should be referenced explicitly by file name within the body of the article, e.g. 'See additional file 1: Movie1 for the original data used to perform this analysis'.


7. Copyright Form: To be downloaded from the website and a signed copy scanned and submitted along with manuscript [Click Here to Download]


8. Conflict of  Interest forms: Download from website links [Click Here to Download]


9. Submission Letter: All submissions should be with Submission letter.  [Click Here to Download Submission Form]


Style and language

Currently, JMT can only accept manuscripts written in English. Spelling should be US English or British English, but not a mixture.

It is essential that submitted manuscripts have a high standard of written English. Manuscripts that are poorly written will be returned to authors for revision prior to peer review. Authors are advised to write clearly and simply, and to have their article checked by colleagues before submission. Non-native speakers of English may choose to make use of a copyediting service before submission.
JMT will copy edit accepted manuscripts before they are published. The editing is designed only to correct such things as misused words, spelling errors, missing references or incomplete citation information.


  • Please use double line spacing.
  • Type the text unjustified, without hyphenating words at line breaks.
  • Abbreviations spelt out in full for the first time
  • Numerals from 1 to 10 spelt out
  • Numerals at the beginning of the sentence spelt out
  • Use hard returns only to end headings and paragraphs, not to rearrange lines.
  • Capitalize only the first word, and proper nouns, in the title.
  • All pages should be numbered.
  • Use the JMT reference format.
  • Footnotes to text should not be used.
  • Greek and other special characters may be included. If you are unable to reproduce a particular special character, please type out the name of the symbol in full.
  • Gene names should be in italic, but protein products should be in plain type


Please ensure that all special characters used are embedded in the text, otherwise they will be lost during conversion to PDF.

  • Genes, mutations, genotypes, and alleles should be indicated in italics, and authors are required to use approved gene symbols, names, and formatting. Protein products should be in plain type.

SI Units should be used throughout (liter and molar are permitted, however).

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