May – Aug 2015 | Vol 3 | Issue 2



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VOLUME 3 | ISSUE 2 | May – Aug 2015


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JMT Editorial :Statistics in Medical Thesis

Dr Ashok K Shyam  

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Guest Editorial for The Journal Of Medical Thesis

Dr. Rumi Dasgupta

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Comparison Of Effects Of Interferential Therapy (Ift) And Combination Therapy (Ift+Ultrasound Therapy) On Pain, Range Of Motion And Function In Patients With Osteoarthritis Of Knee: A Hypothesis.

Archana Bodhale, Nilima Bedekar.

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Effectiveness of Mulligans Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glide and Conventional Management in Lateral Epicondylalgia: A Hypothesis.

Priyanka Mundra, Ravinder Mahapatra.

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Study of Quality of Life, Body Mass Index and Mobility in Rural and Urban Post Menopausal Women.

Sayli Kawatkar, Savita Rairikar, Apurv Shimpi.

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Knowledge, Beliefs and Practices Regarding Gynaecological Problems Amongst Females – A Hypothesis.

Shamika Bhatwadekar,  Apurv P Shimpi, Savita Rairikar.

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Comparison between the effect of non-immersive virtual reality training and conventional rehabilitation on balance in patients after ACL reconstruction – A Randomized Control Trial. : A Hypothesis.

Shreya Shah, Ravinder Kaur Mahapatra.

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Factors Predisposing to Work Related Low Back Pain in Automobile Industry Workers – A Hypothesis.

Bhakti Jamdade V, Apurv Shimpi, Savita Rairikar.

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Effect of Mulligan Spinal Mobilization with Leg Movement and Shacklock Neural Tissue Mobilization in Lumbar Radiculopathy: A Randomised Controlled Trial.

Anupama Thakur, Ravinder Kaur Mahapatra.

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Management Of Fractures Of Distal Femur.

Satish R Gawali, Kathar M Gajanan, Mansoor Bhosage, Pramod V Niravane.

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Association of Breast Cancer with Abortion and Lactation – A Pilot Study.

Mahima Krishnamoorthi, Abdol A Mojab, Amarjit S Dhaliwal, Rumi Dasgupta.

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Prospective Study Of Managementof Supracondylar Fractures Of Humerus, and It’s Complications in Children.

Satish R Gawali, Mahesh N Gude, Pramod V Niravane, Raman O Toshniwal.

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