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VOLUME 2 | ISSUE 2 | May– Aug 2014


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Editorial: Research Education and Journal of Medical Thesis

Dr Ashok K Shyam  

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Guest Editorial: Authorship woes: Guidance for Postgraduate residents and Research fellows

Dr. N S Harshavardhana, Dr H V Dabke

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Perspective: Perspective of a Thesis Guide in Allotment of Thesis Topic

Dr. Sanjay Jagtap, Dr. Dhiraj Sonawane, Dr. Akash Saraogi

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Journal of Medical Thesis: Perspectives of an Arthroscopy Surgeon

Dr. Sundarrajan

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Evaluation of cephalomedullary implant fixation in unstable trochanteric fractures

Jeetendra Bajpai, V. K Nautiyal, Rajesh Maheshwari.

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Charcots Arthropathy in Diabetics : An Experience in Treatment with Ilizarov External Fixator Technique

Fahad Sheikh, Irfan Sheikh, Suhas Shah, Aditya Menon.

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Role of Physiotherapy in India – A Cross-sectional Survey to Study the Awareness and Perspective among Referring Doctors

Apurv Shimpi, Hutoxi Writer, Ashok Shyam, Rachana Dabadghav

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A Prospective Study of Functional Outcome of Tibial Condylar Fractures Treated with Locking Compression

Sandeep V Gavhale, Sangeet K Gawhale, Piyush V Gavai, Kumar Kaushik Dash, Bhakti S Yeragi.

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Evaluation of the results of arthroscopic repair of rotator cuff tears: A prospective study

Aditya Menon, Irfan Sheikh

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A comparative evaluation of anticonvulsant activity of Magnesium Sulfate with Phenytoin and Valproate in experimentally induced seizures in albino rats

Akash Khobragade, Sadiq Patel, Milin Deokate , Sagar Bhagat, Narendra Patil.

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Comparison between effect of equal intensity training with Suryanamaskar or Physical Education activity or combination of both on Physical fitness in Adolescent Urban School children – A Randomized Control Trial : A Hypothesis

Apurv Shimpi, Jaimala Shetye, Amita Mehta

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Study of in Vivo and in Vitro Growth of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis From the Intra-operative Samples of Patients of Osteoarticular Tuberculosis

Deepak Prakash Agrawal, Dhiraj Vithal Sonawane

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Fracture Healing and Wound Healing in HIV infected individuals

Piyush V Gavai, Sangeet K Gawhale, Kumar Kaushik Dash, Bhakti S Yeragi

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Intertrochantric femur fracture in elderly treated with bipolar vs dhs - a prospective study

Irfan Sultan Sheikh

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Surgical Management Of Distal/Supracondylar Fracture Of Femur With Retrograde Intramedullary Nail

Tushar Ubale, N.Ranganath, Harish U, Sunil Kumar, Kunal Shah

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